I’ve already been through some local places in Philippines. Some of which are: Camiguin, Ozamiz, Pagadian, Dipolog, and I did my internship in Makati City. But i never really got to document what I did. I never took a lot of pictures because i’d rather see the view with my own eyes.

I guess that will have to change now.

This will be the first to many memories i’d like to read over and over again.

Who needs this article?

Through my words (and photos), i’ll take you to one of the most popular places in Philippines – Cebu City. If you are on a budget, i’ll give you some helpful tips along the way. And i’d really would just like to share where i’ve been and what i did during my stay here in ubec.

Why Cebu?

I’m currently in Cebu for the most geekiest reason – i figured that the tech community is awesome out here. It’s just been a month, but i’ve only been to the mall, and a beach resort in Lapu Lapu City. I have 8 days left before i’m gonna have to leave for Davao City (I got an awesome opportunity out there). So i’m going to build an 8-day plan.

The 8-Day Plan

I’m not really from Cebu, and i don’t intend to buy a tour – it would be costly, and i wouldn’t want to be constrained. So i’ve done my research on the things to do in Cebu. We should explore as much as we can, right?

The goal would be to accomplish as much as we can in Cebu in a matter of 8 days, while juggling development work. Weekends would definitely be the craziest.

The Trails

As soon as i accomplish a milestone in the plan, i will be posting it here as soon as i can. So better watch out. 😉


Hey, it’s roselle. Welcome and nice to meet you.

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