I am speaking to young people who doesn’t know what the hell is going on with their lives (Yes, you!). You get thoughts like: Am i on the right track? Or am i bound to fail? Will our parents even be proud of me? Will they be more successful than me?

I’m not here to teach you, nor impose a rule for you. I’m no scammer, so i won’t be selling anything to you. I’m like you. I messed up a lot, dropped out of college, worked as a freelancer, taught myself how to cook, do my own laundry. And getting rich is really taking longer than expected.

Well here’s one thing this blog is all about, it is about sharing experiences, and learning from successful idiots i mean adults. Because the time to start thinking of our future is now. And just when we thought we’ve finally finished school, we graduate to find out there’s still more to learn. If only we are immediately taught of important stuffs like creating a budget, or saving for retirement, or how to get an insurance. If only we were taught that no one gets rich over night (unless you win the lottery jackpot). But we can however, slowly build up our wealth, and generate other sources of income aside from our 9-5 job.

This blog is all about preparing for wealth, and success. We are here to learn. I am here to learn and share everything that i can possibly share. Nice to meet you, i am Roselle.


Hey, it’s roselle. Welcome and nice to meet you.

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