The secret to a happier life

What will really make us happy in the end game?

Will fame, wealth or high achievements determine how happy we will be?

According to a 75-year old study now led by their fourth director Dr. Waldinger, it does not. They studied the lives of 794 men, starting from the time they were teenagers up until old age, just to see what really keeps people happier and of course, healthier.

They learned that the secret to a happier life was: good relationships.

Good relationships encourage you when the going gets tough or the tide turns against you, and they will be the first ones to celebrate your success. Not only that, they will be the first to open doors for your success.

1. Good relationships encourage you when the going gets tough

Real friends will hold your hand firmly while telling you bluntly that you messed up.

Loneliness is toxic, and being alone in times of adversaries is even more fatal. Humans aren’t meant to live alone. We used to live in tribes and we thrive in communities. The people around us will remind us of our strengths, when all we see are our weakness. They will help you build yourself up again, and go out of the storm differently.

This is why in times of calamity or catastrophes, people from all over the world help in any way they can, because they feel the pain the area must be going through. They send words of encouragement, and hope to those whose future seem so bleak, until such a time homes are rebuilt and pain is mended.

2. Good relationships will celebrate your success

Despite not knowing what I usually do, my parents are proud of any photo I am in. And even if my brother usually doesn’t care, he’ll be the first to say he’s proud of me, too. Not only does that make me happy, but it also helps me appreciate all the little steps i’m taking to achieve my goals.

My true friends on the other hand are less crazy. But they’ll believe in me in whatever decision I take, they’ll encourage me when I feel doubtful or remind me that i’m good! This is only possible, because I, too will go crazy over any achievements they will make. It is my deepest desire to see them all succeed and find true happiness in life.

3. Good relationships will open doors for you

The reality is that you won’t get anywhere in life without the help of anyone.

And it makes a lot of sense because successful brands aren’t built by a single person.

Genuine relationships will open doors for you because they believe in you and they see your passion and drive. And having fulfillment in life is the best kind of happiness. When you know you are doing something you want to do, that alone contributes a lot to any person’s happiness.

What steps should you take?

We spend 80% of our time in the office, working hard for our dreams. But if there’s one thing we should be investing in today, that would greatly benefit our future, it is building and maintaining genuine and warm relationships.

My dear readers, fame and wealth are important. But you see a lot of millionaires who are lonely and filled with no hope in the future. Building relationships don’t even require a lot of time. Relationships are never meant to be perfect anyway.

My name is Roselle and I’m still working on my success story. You heard that right. I’m young, I work at home on my PJs and I’m still going to make many more mistakes in life. Just like you, just like we all do. But the other thing you should know about me is that I love helping people and this blog is one of the many outlets I have in connecting with you. I talk a lot about finance, business, and personal development. Visit my About page, if you want to know more about my story!

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