Entry #1: A milestone, celebrating small wins, and looking back on the journey 

Today is a good day to reflect. It’s been a year since I started to mindfully (and that means declaring it to the world) pursue my journey to financial freedom and today after four months of delay, I finally reached the “first million badge”! I’m finally well-adapted to the city I moved into, and my life is shaping up.

BUT life’s not all rainbow and unicorns because I also got a ruptured eardrum due to flu that lasted for almost 3 weeks, and my body is sore with all hours spent on driving lessons, and then there’s confusion on where to go next and what to do and the hunt for a financial mentor.

This is a graph of my net worth readily available at my YNAB dashboard and getting to this milestone today was definitely not linear. I quit my work as a Software Developer in March, and you could clearly see how I was burning cash while learning marketing. You see me at rock bottom at July and finally being able to recover towards the rest of the year. All the while attending Toastmasters events and delivering short speeches!

Today I’m not waiting for someone else to say, how proud I am of where I’m headed and what I’ve become. Roselle, you are still way far from your potential but I am remarkably proud of your win. Onwards to the next million!

Numbers blacked out because I’m extremely shy. I wrote in a previous blog about YOU NEED A BUDGET as my tool for budgeting. Read it here: 

This is the entry #1 to “The Daily Journal” section of my blog. Because apparently, writing every day (no matter the circumstance) enforces the habit of writing.

My name is Roselle and I’m still working on my success story. You heard that right. I’m young, I work at home on my PJs and I’m still going to make many more mistakes in life. Just like you, just like we all do. But the other thing you should know about me is that I love helping people and this blog is one of the many outlets I have in connecting with you. I talk a lot about finance, business, and personal development. Visit my About page, if you want to know more about my story!

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