Trial & Error

Trial & Error Series

experimentation or investigation in which various methods or means are tried and faulty ones eliminated in order to find the correct solution or to achieve the desired result or effect

We begin life knowing nothing. Yet, when we finish college hoping we can finally grasp life, confident to take on life, thinking “Hey I’ve been through a lot of, burnt the midnight oil studying my subjects, surely I know a whole lot now”; only to find out we still know nothing (even doing laundry).

Almost two years ago, i moved out of home, and lived independently. Because of the income i got from my full-time freelance position, i didn’t have to ask for a single centavo from my parents to support me temporarily. I saved up enough cash, and here i am today, still alive.

First to many themes

“Trial & Error” is the first theme we’ll explore in the year 2018. If you are a fresh graduate, or a dropout, or someone in the process of finding herself and whatever passion worth pursuing. Someone who is yet to make mistakes (or already made one), who still has a few more years before marriage thoughts sink in.

We yearn to get rich, but riches seem to come slow, while bills are consistent and never-ending. We may live from paycheck to paycheck. We yearn for fancy gadgets and long to travel to places we’ve never been. We are impulsive and confused. We are full of confidence but the moment we are faced with hurdles, our walls break, and we resort to decisions made out of fear. We hate everyone, but sometimes we long for a decent company. We fall in love too many times, only to get our hearts broken. We may be filled with disgust but we forgive and forget too easily. We are different and unique, but we are one. Who will guide us when adults aren’t even as right as we thought they are?

The “WHY”

I hope for our generation to bring wealth and prosperity to our country. And there will be many who will not listen. Because it is difficult. If it were easy, everyone would have enjoyed prosperity, but for those who will, let us take the time to reflect; how do we make use of these years to prepare for:

  • success
  • wealth
  • pursuing our passions
  • the stage in our lives where we can finally give back to our communities

Time flies so fast, that within a few years we’ll already be handling bigger responsibilities, responsibilities that sometimes come in the form of a kid (or not), but there will be. We are at a stage where we iterate over doing, failing, and learning and doing again until we find the just enough solution for us to move forward. There will be stages greater than this, and if we don’t get out of this stage, and move on, will we ever feel fulfilled in our lives? I doubt not. We say char when we see people overdoing it, taking it too seriously. But there are things to be serious about. Like our future. Not only as individuals but also as one nation.

Disclaimer: I’m neither an expert nor a wise old man in all areas, however, I will do my utmost diligence to consult those who are. Nevertheless, never take anyone’s advises on your personal needs – do your part and research. 


“Trial & Error” is a series of blog posts/musings/stories which I hope you will enjoy and help you on your journey towards your next stage in life. Continue to be silly, travel if you can, but build the little habits that will make a difference.

1. Shaping up our finances

  1. Important life checklist
  2. The only rule I follow in budgeting
  3. How much do I need to retire?
  4. I hired a financial planner
  5. Financial events calendar
  6. Persons to follow
  7. On being a freelancer

2. FAQ

  1. How to get a credit card?
  2. Should I buy a home?
  3. Should I buy a car?
  4. How to buy insurance?
  5. How to start blogging?
  6. How to start investing?

3. Journal

  1. The year I left home

4. Interviews

Closing Notes

If you want to explore more topics, or you have questions you’ve always wanted to be answered, you may contact me anonymously at Contact Page.

Series Status: On-going (Regularly updated)

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