Entry #2: “You seem like you have no direction in life”

Would you believe who told this to me just recently? My father. Don’t get me wrong, he meant it in the most loving way. I love my father!

I attended Stock Smarts Cebu today and of course, I wasn’t able to take a photo again (I REALLY NEED TO START TAKING PHOTOS).  Yesterday night, I wasn’t able to put in an entry because guess what, I was able to book a conversation with the person whose books and videos practically raised me so I was preparing the whole day! All I got as a remembrance was a selfie where both of our faces did not even fit! Last minute asking for a selfie! Anyway, I digress.

Today I realized one thing when someone says those 9 words to you in the most loving way they could, it only means they care a lot about you. And I think the hardest thing in the world is seeing your child suffer. The way I see it, suffering is inevitable. I am suffering now – I work hard – almost 16 hours a day sitting in front of a computer and joining clubs or attending seminars or workshops or even taking more side gigs in the sideline. Two things could happen – I could either die young (hopefully not) or I could be very successful. IF I choose to enjoy life as it is today, I’ll be very bored. As Teresita Sy-Coson put it in an interview – they had fun growing up – they had fun working!

I’ve never been fond of this cliche but it’s all about the journey. This is a journey that would mold me into a person who will be able to withstand any failures – heck if I’ve failed a thousand times during my 20s,  how smart do you think I’d be on my 30s?

So, what happens when someone says you have no direction in life – don’t second guess yourself. Because I did. I felt pity on myself, too. But hey, if my net worth reaches 16 million 5 years from now from applying all the things I learned – who’s the loser now?

My name is Roselle and I’m still working on my success story. You heard that right. I’m young, I work at home on my PJs and I’m still going to make many more mistakes in life. Just like you, just like we all do. But the other thing you should know about me is that I love helping people and this blog is one of the many outlets I have in connecting with you. I talk a lot about finance, business, and personal development. Visit my About page, if you want to know more about my story!

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